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Fit Meals

Our new program for the busy cook! If you are familiar with our “What’s Cooking” program, this is similar. For Fitmeals, we offer low calorie, low fat and no refined carbs on this menu.

Once you place your order, we fill it on the third Tuesday of each month. We provide a variety of healthy choices, with new choices each month.

Most meals are $20 each and they serve approximately 4-6. The seafood dinners depend on market value.

You can specify for your meal to be packaged individually for convenience and portion control.

Many of our customers use this program for their lunches at work to simplify life and keep it healthy!

We still offer the discount price for both of our programs. You can choose to buy just one meal or more. When you purchase 3, any other Dinners ordered after that for the month are $18 each (the only meals we cannot discount are the Seafood items.)

Give us a try and you’ll enjoy every healthy bite!

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